Adoption Advertising & Marketing For Adoptive Parents

It is my professional recommendation that serious adoptive parents advertise with both print and internet campaigns. I strongly urge all families I work with to use both methods. This is the best way to reach the maximum number of birthmothers possible.

Adoption Print Advertsing

In spite of what you may be hearing, print advertising can still be a very effective means of reaching birthmothers. I know this because several of my clients have recently adopted directly from print advertising campaigns I personally built and managed. Even if younger birthmothers aren't opening the paper like they used to, their parents or guardians might be. You never know who will potentially come across your ad or where it might lead.

Internet Advertsing

Your print ads will refer birthmothers directly to your website. So the two campaigns actually work hand in hand. Like it or not, birthmothers are going to want to see what you and your family look like. They are going to want to hear what you have to say and learn more about you before making this monumental decision. So your web profile needs to be as sharp and focused as it can be. I will help you build an effective online adoption profile.

There are several options for posting your adoption profile. But the only service I recommend is an adoption-connect site called Adoptimist. You can quickly post a profile there - no technical expertise required. You can add photos, videos, personal biographies, and even your 'Dear Birthmother' letter. For a low monthly fee, they will also advertise your profile on Facebook and all the major search engines. I know the owners of Adoptimist personally and we always work diligently to give my clients the best service possible. Don't forget to ask me about introductory discounts for their advertising plans!

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