Adoption Services for Adoptive Parents and Birthmothers

Denise Alba Provides Consulitng for Adoptive Parents

As a consultant, I guide my clients through the process from the very beginning - deciding what type of adoption is best for them and their family - to the very end. Even thereafter whether it is the laws of the state from which you are seeking to adopt, or from which you reside, or assistance within that state, there is no area that I leave my clients to handle on their own. Many clients have come back to me years after their adoption to discuss how best to explain the adoption process to their own child. But the best return clients are the many that contact me for their second and sometimes third child.

Adoption Services:

• Free phone consultation

• Adoptive Parent Profile/Dear Birthmother Letter

• Print ad campaign in various periodicals throughout the country for private / independent adoption to locate a potential birth parent

• Website profile consulting for adoptive parents

• Birth Parent and Adoptive Parent counseling (Counseling is billed hourly in preparation for the adoption process, birth parent/adoptive parent phone calls, various red flags, one-on-one support throughout the process, etc.)

• Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children Services (for attorney and / or agencies only)

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