About Denise Alba: Adoptive Parent, Advocate, and Professional

Denise Alba and her adopted daughters

Denise Alba and her adopted daughters. Denise has over twelve years experience helping families and birthmothers with adoptions.

I have been working in the adoption community for over 12 years. My passion began with my own adoption through foster care at the age of 6 to a wonderful family. Having become a member of a family with three older biological siblings, I was always inspired to create my own family through adoption.

My journey began with a very long (and ultimately failed) international adoption. That led me to the adoption of my two daughters through domestic adoption: one being through an agency and the other through private/independent adoption. After the failure of the international adoption, I got the desire to help those also seeking to adopt. With a paralegal degree, I began working with various attorneys, agencies, and support groups which gave me an amazing knowledge of the adoption procedures, practices and laws. It is common for me to receive calls from other professionals for advice on specific situations and / or assistance with various counseling for both birth parents and / or adoptive parents. That is due to the fact that my commitment has always been to keep up with all current adoption laws throughout the country which helps me assist attorneys and agencies when they need it. I work with private clients, their attorney, and / or agency, in assisting those seeking to create or complete their family through adoption.

Being an adult adoptee, an adoptive parent, and adoption professional, I know and have experienced all facets of adoption. It is my belief that like myself at the age of six that every child deserves a permanent and wonderful home.

Appearances & Positions

• Chairperson for the Long Island Bi-County Adoption Exchange through the Office of Children and Family Services

• Creator of various free Forums for prospective adoptive parents to educate in the various ways to adopt or foster to adopt a child

• Speaker at various support groups including the Adoptive Parents Committee

• Interviewed on various adoption matters on ABC, CBS, FOX and local New York television programs

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